Politics as Usual with Mike Muse: Breaking News in Flint Crisis, State Officials Given Bottled Water Year Earlier than Residents + Thoughts on Republican Debate

Politics as usual. Mike Muse, our resident political expert and voice of SITM stopped by to give citizens an update on both the Flint crisis and his thoughts on the Republican debate.

As if the water crisis wasn’t heartbreaking enough, apparently Flint officials knew a year in advance their water was becoming unsuitable to drink. But, instead of allowing families in the area know so that they could also purchase bottled water or make proper arrangements…they sat on it hence putting a city in a tough situation unnecessarily. But, why – embarrassment or pride? Who knows, stay tuned as we continue to keep you posted on the Flint Crisis as we hear from always informative Mike Muse.

Last night was also big in the political world because of the Republican Debate but even more so with Donald Trump being a no show, yet still remaining popular in discussions. The strategic Trump basically cloned himself as he hosted an event of his own during the debate, so while his opponents were “making fun” of their absent competition he definitely had the last laugh.

Check out the full political run down from Mike Muse below and hear from him beyond just SITM:


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