Politics as Usual: Mike Muse Gives Flint Water Crisis Update, Respectable Move on the Donald Trump Campaign Trail, the Bernie Sanders Crowd and More!

Politics with Mike Muse: important. informative. interesting.

The always sharp Mike Muse stopped by to discuss a few topics within the political arena and share a respected perspective on issues such as the Flint water crisis. Although the investigation surrounding its cause is ongoing, it is important to keep the conversation going and figure out how we can properly assist those affected. Not for show but for results through actionable steps.

Beyond that, he pointed out some very interesting details about Donald Trump‘s current campaign in which the Republican candidate is doing what he does best – blazing his own trail. Trump is choosing to go against the grain at FOX and launching a fundraiser to support the Wounded Warriors organization as a counter response. But what caused it? Find out about Trump, Flint Water Crisis and more below!

Make sure to follow him on Twitter: @iammikemuse for updates and enjoy the middle ground where music meets politics.

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