Political News with Mike Muse: Urban View’s Karen Hunter Weighs in on Clinton, Sanders Oregon and Kentucky Race + Possibility of Trump Being President in “Kardashian Era”

Video by PVA Ent

Political News with Mike Muse feels like more and more of necessity the closer we get to November’s election as things get serious in our Presidential Debate. Even though he was calling in, his presence was felt as we weighed in on the latest with Donald Trump and the slow realization that he really may be our next President. Also, Kentucky and Oregon results came in last night – who took each state? Clinton or Sanders? Tune in.

In Mike’s absence we were joined by another great political voice in Karen Hunter. You may have heard her on Sirius’ Urban View or had a chance to hit her website full of action, not just talk she does on air but the movements she supports / books she’s penned off air as well. Things such as her Party of Lincoln app that keeps everyone updated and informed when it comes to politics, notes from the basics like “What is the Electoral College” to having the ability to quickly fact check a candidate during a debate.

Check out the full interview above and download the Party of Lincoln app on your iPhone ASAP. Super helpful.


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