Political News With Mike Muse: Division in the GOP, Obama Administration Sending Ransom Money to Iran & Picking a Candidate Based Off Important Issues To You

It’s that time of the week again as our political analyst Mike Muse joins the show. Starting things off by receiving birthday wishes from Sway and the crew Muse gets right into the GOP.

With division at the forefront after Donald Trump announced he would not be supporting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain for re-election, Muse says some key funders of the party have announced support for Hillary Clinton.

Moving forward he opens up about Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim soldier killed in battle, bashing Trump for accepting a Purple Heart from a retired military supporter.

After taking a call from someone urging people to not vote for Trump, Muse lays it out that people need to pick two issues that effect them most and vote for the candidate that best represents their stance on those issues.

Moving into the current president, Muse talks through the reports that the Obama Administration sent $400 million to Iran for the freedom of U.S. hostages. Listen to the full audio below and send your questions to Mike Muse on Twitter @iammikemuse.

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