Milli Vanilli of American Politics?

CNN Townhall had everyone’s attention as the Democratic Primary between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton brought racial issues under a microscope thanks to the pivotal South Carolina primary only days away. As Sanders touched on his Poland background yet never being asked for a birth certificate as with Obama, Clinton focused her attention on police violence in black communities. How effective was the message though? Did it resonate well? We brought in Mike Muse to give us a fresh perspective on the Town Hall event and whether or not it hit home with their target audience.

How would each fair as an independent? That may be an option for the runner-up but will they? Considering the division that already exists in their support, the likes of Killer Mike and Cornel West backing Sanders while John Lewis is in Clinton’s corner.

Mike Muse takes a few moments to tackle the topic and discuss, listen below:

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