Political News with Mike Muse: Backlash Behind Melania Trump’s Speech, Donald Trump Jr. Making a Great Impression and What to Expect from the Republican National Convention

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Unless you’ve been enjoying a complete internet, cable and telephone blackout you have heard or seen the backlash from Melania Trump‘s pretty familiar sounding speech during at the Republican National Convention. So familiar that you probably remember hearing it back in 2008 from Michelle Obama at the DMC, if it’s not acceptable biting rhymes then it’s definitely acceptable biting speeches on a platform of that magnitude. We let our political expert Mike Muse weigh in as the story behind how it happened unfolds. Of course we know political candidates rarely write their own speeches, given they have some of the best in the corner assisting but someone’s ghostwriter went a little too far this time around.

Despite that being the most discussed moment from the RNC, it wasn’t the only family member to stand behind the podium in hopes of encouraging the nation to put their trust in Trump as his son gave a solid speech highlighting his father’s determination and approach behind his political race.

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