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Plies Talks “Ran Off On Da Plug Twice” Success and Avoiding Negativity on Social Media

Mr. Sweet Satday Plies that has everyone headed to the “Ritz Carlton” after Running Off on Da Plug Twice, stopped by SITM to hang out with Heather B and Tracy.

Plies has been dropping music catering to that core for some time now but admits his current situation is close to being the best its been in his career. Artists may try to downplay their numbers or act as if has no effect on them, not Plies. Admitting that everything he does, he’s going to put pride into and sometimes it leaves him wanting more when it comes to those stats. That’s exactly what has happened with his new record finally being able to connect with people across the board.

That connection sometimes includes social media outlets but one thing he points out is his unwillingness to entertain the nonsense or negativity associated with it. Not a bad message to send the world grossly invested in it. Check out the full interview below:

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