Play Your Old Cassettes With ‘Elbow’

Play Your Old Cassettes With ‘Elbow’

For many of us, our first experience with listening to music had something to do with a cassette tape. This iconic music format dominating the 80’s before compact discs took over things. Well today we get a look at a modern way to listen to those old school tapes. The new cassette player called Elbow lets you listening to all your favorite old school cassettes, doing so in a unique and rather sleek form.

The design uses a single pulley to drive the tape, while using modern updates to maintain constant playback rate, with tape speed tracked by an optical sensor. There is also a mini-USB port so you can connect it to your computer. The simple design is just a prototype for now, though the product is still in development. Have a look at the design in the short video below and head over here to learn more immediately!

Photo provided by Elbow

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