PINTRILL Teams Up With Kai For A New Exclusive Pin Collection

PINTRILL Teams Up With Kai For A New Exclusive Pin Collection

The good folks over at PINTRILL are known for creating some unique, stylish and eye-catching pins. Known for their craftsmanship and collaborations, PINTRILL returns today with a new design as they pair up with LA-based artist Kai. The new collaboration features a pin of Kai’s signature “IF” (Imaginary Friend) character, making it the artist’s first ever merchandise release. Each pin is 3D molded and treated with an antique brushed gold finish and features a numbered engraving on the back, and each backing card was handmade and signed by Kai himself.

Speaking about the design, Kai stated: “I have stayed away from merch for about ten years. The reason I finally decided to team up with PINTRILL is because they believe in the artist and the artist’s freedom of expression. When I came to them with the idea to do a limited pin with a handmade backing to make the pin a piece of art, they supported the idea 100%.” The pins will be available at a limited stock of 50 and sold exclusively online on August 3 at 12 p.m. ET, don’t miss out!

Photos provided by PINTRILL

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