Philando Castile, 32, Was Fatally Shot by Police on Wednesday Night in Falcon Heights, Minnesota

Philando Castile, 32, Was Fatally Shot by Police on Wednesday Night in Falcon Heights, Minnesota

Just one day after the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Pulled over near St. Paul for a broken tail light on Wednesday evening  while returning home from the grocery store, Castile was joined in the car by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her 4-year-old daughter.

Making the officer aware that he had a gun in the car and a license to carry, Castile reached down for his wallet which contained his ID. Reynolds reports that while reaching down for his wallet Castile was shot 5 times in the arm. Following the gun fire she started streaming the event on Facebook Live (caution, this video is graphic). “I wanted it to go viral so the people could see,” Reynolds said Thursday morning outside Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s residence in St. Paul. The graphic video shows a bloody Sterling laying in the seat next to Reynolds. The officer  holds his gun up to the window while being calmly confronted by Reynolds.

Being taken out of the car along with her young daughter, Reynolds was cuffed and placed in a squad car while officers arrived at the scene. “They took me to jail. They didn’t feed us. They didn’t give us water,” she said Thursday morning. “They put me in a room and separated me from my child. They treated me like a prisoner.” Reynolds was dropped off at her doorstep Thursday morning at 5 a.m.

Castilo, 32, who worked at a local school in the lunch room providing meals for students has been employed by St. Paul Public Schools since the age of 19. His co-workers told local news station Kare 11 that Castilo was a “team player” and eager to great people with a smile.

Gov. Dayton spoke to protestors outside his home on Thursday morning and promised change in the way cases like this are handled. He told the group outside of his residence that he has called President Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to request that the attorney general launch their own investigation into the incident.

You can scroll through some of the coverage of the event Thursday morning outside Gov. Dayton’s residence and read his statement as well.

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