Pharrell Performs "Freedom" at Glastonbury Festival, Only Days After Teasing Fans with Sample

“Tonight I wanna share something really special with you guys…it’s a song called ‘Freedom’. You see, I don’t care how much money you have in a bank account…I don’t care how rich your family is or where you come from, if you’re a human being you need some sort of freedom. There’s always somebody or something in your life trying to chain you down and tell you what you can or cannot do but…”

That was the fitting intro given by one of the most creative minds in music, Pharrell, before delivering on the quality that he gave fans a taste of last week as he hinted at his new track entitled “Freedom”. That taste was satisfied when he took the stage during the 2015 Glastonbury Festival to perform at length the aforementioned single and it was better than expected.

Take a look below as Pharrell owns the stage and incites an international crowd with hope, courtesy of his single “Freedom”.

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