Peter Gunz Uncensored: Reveals the Gender and Name of Amina’s Unborn Child

Peter Gunz Uncensored: Reveals the Gender and Name of Amina’s Unborn Child

There’s many things that can be said about “Love & Hip Hop” star Peter Gunz. But instead of saying these things ourselves we had him up to the Sway in the Morning studios to speak on how he is seeking therapy to better himself and in turn be a better role model for his kids.

Starting things off with a bold statement about doing some scummy things but not being a scummy person, Peter Gunz admits that although he has been bashed for his actions on “Love & Hip Hop,” it’s given him a way to provide for his family. Giving all the credit to the mothers of his children, Gunz says that he is working to become a better father.

From Cardi B’s backlash to drama with Amina and Tara, Gunz never denies that his actions were poor as he continues to look out and stick up for both Amina and Tara. With the bad outweighing the good we hear Gunz admit that all the negative comments about Amina and Tara should be directed towards him for putting them in a bad situation.

Breaking down the relationship between himself and both women Gunz tell Sway and the crew that Amina is pregnant with a baby girl who will be named Bronx, she is due to be born in July. Gunz also lets Sway know that him, Amina, and Tara no longer live in the same building together

Watch the full interview above to get all the details and follow along with Peter Gunz on Twitter @IamPeterGunz.


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