Pete Rock Crafts Beats in "Cosmic Slop"

Pete Rock Crafts Beats in "Cosmic Slop"

Pete Rock is back with another hit, this time in the form of Cosmic Slop.

In this black and white visual, Pete takes us on a journey through his beat creating style.   He strategically plays around with the Akai MPC 3000, the same beat maker he used to create countless hip hop classics.  With inspiration from the New York City streets, Pete develops an instrumental soundtrack capturing the essence of New York vibes.

This single comes of his upcoming work, Petestrumentals 2, expected June 23rd.  The enire album is comprised of instrumentals and is a sequel to the 2001 Petestrumentals.

Petestrumentals 2 won’t be out for a few more weeks.  Until then you can Preorder the album and check out the tracklist below.

Petestrumentals 2 Track List

1. “Heaven & Earth”
2. “PR 4 Prez”
3. “Cosmic Slop”
4. “On & On”
5. “Beat Goes On”
6. “Clap Ya Hands (I Feel Good)”
7. “My My Baby”
8. “I Wish”
9. “One, Two, A Few More”
10. “Air Smoove”
11. “Gonna Love You”
12. “90’s Class Act (EK)”
13. “Justice (Brotherhood & Understanding)” Skit
14. “Accelerate”
15. “Make Me Feel Like”
16. “Dilla Bounce (R.I.P.)”
17. “Play Yo Horn”
18. “BBJones”
19. “Rootz, Reggae, Kulcha”
20. “You Know Dat”

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