Paul Reiser Interview: Why He’s on a First Name Basis with President Obama + Acting in ‘Red Oak’ & ‘Concussion’

The talented actor and writer Paul Reiser was nominated for¬†almost every award possible for his outstanding ‘Mad About You’ series but the love still continues to grow as he takes on more and more both on screen as well as from a producer¬†perspective.

Starring in several films coming up including the highly anticipated ‘Concussion’ starring Will Smith as well as a brand new series ‘Red Oaks’ which begins October 9th on Amazon. Despite the crazy schedule, he still managed to swing by Sway in the Morning to discuss the 10 episode¬†experience that will give us all something to set up shop and binge watch next weekend.

You can enjoy the vibrant interview with Paul Reiser and the crew below.

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