Pastor Troy Gives Exclusive Background on "Bout Loud Music"


The great Pastor Troy tapped us and said he’s “making that real ‘Tupac’ Music.” What does that mean? Well, he explained it to us first hand.

He revealed that although he has never met Pac, he indeed is “a real historian of his career and we have so many parallels that sometimes I feel like him.”

“I love the youth just as Tupac did,” Troy tells us. “but it seems as if when you make music to raise their awareness, it never gets the support it deserves. If you listen to the average playlist across the country, you will very seldom hear what needs to be said. But you can’t play it, if we don’t make it. Our youth are so lost, but how are we helping them? Or teaching them? I am ready to answer the call.”

He goes on to tell us…

“With the recent killing of Mike Brown in Furgeson, STL this weekend. I felt it was only appropriate to start pushing some of this music that I have addressing these problems that we are facing. It seems like I can’t address the murder of one Black teen, before another is dead, from a similar scenario.

I have 3 sons so police brutality and racial profiling is serious to me, especially down here in Georgia. I have to teach my Sons to survive in this White world, but I’m NOT raising them to be Fearful of anybody.

The Murder of Jordan Davis in Jacksonville, FL should have been taking very serious in the Hip-Hop Community. This young man should be a martyr in our profession, because he gave his life for his stance on our music. When told to turn his Rap music down by the powers that be, like Radio Raheem he turned it up and it ended up costing him his life. Being a Artist, a Father, and a Blackman, I had to address this issue.”

Please share this music with a crying out World. If this touches one person, we did our part. Let’s spread more knowledge and spread more love.

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