PARTYNEXTDOOR drops seven new songs from the Six

PARTYNEXTDOOR drops seven new songs from the Six

OVO king Drake is notorious for shutting down the month of October, but it seems like that may be about to change. Earlier this week, OVO artist and “Six” native PARTYNEXTDOOR took a “Break from Toronto” to premiere seven new songs on OVO Sound Radio.

At first listen anyone can “Recognize” that PND is not your average r&b singer, but his eclectic spin on the classic genre is a sound that any music lover can appreciate.

In 2013, PND welcomed us to the party with the release of his first self entitled EP “PARTYNEXTDOOR” which included well known tracks like “Make a Mil,” “Whats Good/Curious,” and “Over Here” featuring Drake. Encouraging his listeners to “PartyMo,” PND released “PARTYNEXTDOOR Two;” an EP with a sound that unmistakably “Belongs to the City” of Toronto and encourages every “Grown Woman” to have “Her Way.”

While we have yet to receive word on a debut album, PND has been summoned for hooks on some of the hottest projects of the year including Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise” and Drake’s “If You’re Reading this it’s too late.”

Reassuring us that he understands what it feels like to be “thirsty,” PND quenched his fans with love ballads like “Some of your Love” and trap jams like “OVO freestyle” to ensure that we had “options” while we wait for an album.

listen to six of his seven new tracks available on soundcloud below and and let us know what you think in the comments section!


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