Palermo Stone Raps About Good and Evil in "Milk & Honey"


As Palermo Stone’s The 2nd Coming approaches, the Pittsburgh artist releases the second record in a series of three singles, each increasing in intensity and message. After the laid back “Run the Streetz,” Palermo Stone picks up the tempo with “Milk & Honey,” a lively, message-laden track produced by Detroit native Hunnit Andretti about living and coping with your good side and dark side. Being an album centered on duality, “Milk & Honey” provides the clearest illustration of this concept, using lines like “Little bit of luck, little bit of faith / little bit of sinner, little bit of saint…” to paint a picture all listeners can relate to: dealing with necessary evils for the sake of the greater good.

“If your life was flashing before your eyes in one quick moment, how would it feel? I wrote ‘Milk & Honey’ as if I was flashing through life and all its ups and downs, back to the point where it all went wrong. The fast pace but simple word play lets people follow my story and fill in the gaps for themselves to make it their own.” – Palermo Stone

The 2nd Coming arrives September 9th on all major outlets; preorders begin August 19th. Preorders receive an immediate download of “The Bounce” with purchase

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