Overdoz Interview: Advice from Pharrell, Working with Kendrick Lamar + Break Down the Lyrics and Freestyle Live

From the streets of LA to the Sway in the Morning studios, OverDoz has shown that they are among hip-hop’s fastest rising stars.  with their new single “Last Kiss” produced by none other than Pharrell Williams out now, our good friends Kent Jamz, P, Cream and Good Joon sit down to talk music.

From teaching Sway snapchat to joking about their nicknames, the boys of OverDoz are definitely here to entertain as they express their interest in being regarded as the best entertaining group.  Speaking on their come up and working through tough times, the group speaks on living their dream working with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Hit-Boy and Pharrell.

The crew also takes part in one of our more interesting segments, Lyrical Breakdown, as they explain the lyrics of their track “Rich White Friends” and walk us through shooting the video at a frat house at USC.

But we couldn’t let these talented MC’s leave without blessing the mic, all four artists step to the plate and kick an exclusive freestyle.  Keep up with OverDoz on Twitter and look out for their new project “2008: When Everybody Loved Everybody” in September.

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