Our Very Own DB, BET & MTV Exec. Buttahman & Jin The MC Bless the Stage at Caroline's Comedy Club

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

It was only proper that “Happy Hour” Heather B popped bottles and bottles and bottles to start off Sway In The Morning‘s comedy takeover at the honorary, Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City.

But, we can’t really blame all of the fun on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. Also to blame for the stomach cramps and non-stop laughs, were comedians of the night: DB, Jin The MC and Buttahman, as well!

DB gets called out by Sway to jump start the night. Kicking it off with jokes about rapper, Black Rob whom Sway had on the show not too long ago — crying. DB jokes in regards to the situation:

I love Sway because he gets so into Hip Hop … of course he’s not gonna cry.

But he was like, ‘ Yo Rob we feel you man, but … I GOTTA GET YOU TO SPIT SOMETHING !

Continuing to joke, DB says:

This n*gga wasn’t even done crying yet and Sway asked him to f*cking rap!!

Needless to say, this was DB’s first time doing stand up, ever! Fortunately for him, it was successfully done — even leaving DJ Wonder in tears.

Buttahman blesses the stage immediately after to explain the honor of what it means to be able to stand on the stage of Caroline’s Comedy Club as a stand-up comedian. Buttahman puts us all in his Love Zone, as he also speaks on his past segment as a Radio DJ/Personality and the hardships that come along with that job title; jokingly sharing stories of callers he would get. The previous BET Exec. and MTV Host also talks about finally coming “out-of-the-closet” saying,

I’m not a stereotypical Gay dude. I’m an Obama Gay. What that means is that I did not come out the closet until President Obama said that shit was good! ‘Cause y’all know in the Black Community that a co-sign from Barack means EVERYTHING !

Jin The MC, also known to us as “Jin The Battle Rapper Extraordinaire” — comes in blowing everyone’s mind with his Chinese rap and threatening everyone in the audience that if they don’t laugh at his jokes, their emails may just be possibly hacked by his family back home. Jin also takes it back to Hip Hop influences for the Asian community, even getting Sway to jump on parts of his skits with him. The full-bred Chinese spittah even spoke on his memories with DMX and jokes on awkwardness between cultures/lingo’s (i.e.: Dog versus Dawg).

Watch the hilarious three-act stand-up comedic brilliance, that took place at Caroline’s Comedy Club in NYC, below:


Caroline's Comedy Club, NYC
From Top-to-Bottom: DB, Buttahman, Jin The MC ; Right: Sway

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