OG Maco throws his version of T.L.O.P.’s “30 Hours” in the mix and renames it “30 Hours For Pablo Dylan”

Since The Life of Pablo dropped, many fellow rappers and artists have been playing around with the instrumentals and samples that ‘Ye used to create his masterpiece.

So far some of these remixes have been okay, to say the least, but we’ve gotten our hands on one that actually impressed us.

The man responsible for this interesting remix is Atlanta’s own, OG Maco.

To our understanding, Pablo Dylan is one of Maco’s homeboys and named the remix after him for no other reason other than “that’s his n*gga”. Classic guy.

Maco is known for switching his flows up and never having any songs sound alike. We’ve even seen the comparison of him to J.Cole come from this track…

Check out the 30 Hours of Pablo Dylan below and  let us know what you think:


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