Official Tracklist for Jhene Aiko's debut album "Souled Out"

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In less than a month, Jhene Aiko will be debuting her first studio album “Souled Out.” She released the tracklist and it appears to be just Jhene, no features. Are we exciting to be “souled out?” Check out the 16 tracks below:

1. “Brave”
2. “To Love & Die” feat. Cocaine 80s
3. “Beautiful Ruin”
4. “It’s Cool”
5. “Lyin King”
6. “Wading”
7. “The Pressure”
8. “Eternal Sunshine”
9. “Limbo Limbo Limbo”
10. “Promises”
11. “W.A.Y.S.”
12. “Pretty Bird” feat. Common
13. “Spotless Mind”
14. “Remember”
15. “My Afternoon Dream” (Target Exclusive)
16. “You vs. Them” (Acoustic) (Target Exclusive)

Alexis Burnett

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