Official Bruce Lee Biopic in the Works

Legendary martial arts superstar Bruce Lee, will be getting an official biopic documenting his life.

Remember when Bruce Lee movies used to have everyone ready to show off their kung fu moves?  Despite his untimely death at age 32 in 1973, Bruce Lee helped to create and popularize a genre with roles in films including ‘Fist of Fury,’ ‘Way of the Dragon,’ and ‘Enter the Dragon.’

His daughter, Shannon Lee, announced on Friday, the family will be developing the film along with Bruce Lee Entertainment, as well as team up with producers Lawrence Grey and Janet Yang.

This marks the first biopic on the famed martial artist’s life with the family’s full involvement in production.  The 1993 biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, was based on widow Linda Lee Caldwell’s book.  Although the movie was widely well received, the Lee family feels there is more to tell.

There have been projects out there involving my father, but they’ve lacked a complete understanding of his philosophies and artistry. They haven’t captured the essence of his beliefs in martial arts or storytelling. The only way to get audiences to understand the depth and uniqueness of my father is to generate our own material and find amazing, like-minded partners to work with.” -Shannon Lee

Bruce Lee films attained record-breaking success in the early 70’s and influenced a culture that still exists today.  The release date for this film has yet to be announced, however mark it on your calendars once it’s set.

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