Officer Will Not Face Charges In Tony Robinson Shooting

A Madison, Wisconsin police officer named in the death of unarmed teen Tony Robinson Jr. will not face any charges after Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne  advised that he used a “lawful use of deadly police force.” According to witnesses Robinson was shot by Officer Matt Kenny after becoming erratic while on a combination of Xanax, marijuana and mushrooms.

Robinson’s family does not agree. His mother, Andrea Irwin, recently spoke to Anderson Cooper and revealed “I’m heartbroken and I’m angry.” She added, “I’m more than upset, almost something that I can’t even describe right now.

Tensions surrounding the case have been high due to criticism that race played a factor in the actual shooting, an incident which Ozanne called both “tragic and unfortunate.” The first African-American district attorney that Wisconsin has ever had, he explained, “I am cognizant of the very real racial disparities and inequalities that exist in this county.” He added, “My decision is not based on emotion. This decision is guided by the rule of law and the oath I took to uphold the constitution.”

Take a look at the announcement below:

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