Octavia Spencer Details her '20 Year Overnight Success Story,' Life After Winning an Oscar + Explains Her "Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective" Series & Reveals Childhood Dream Job

Actor, writer, Oscar winner, Octavia Spencer has done a little bit of everything and has succeeded greatly.  We recently had the great opportunity to have her on Sway In The Morning to speak on her new book “The Sweetest Heist In History” from her Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective series as well as her life before and after her Oscar win.

With her outstanding work in “The Help” earning her an Oscar award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Spencer speaks on life before and after winning the prestigious award.  From her roles being the “he went that way” character in many movies, she explains her rise as a 20 year overnight success story.

Meeting on the set of “City Of Angels” and becoming very close while working on “The Help,” Spencer outlines her relationship with Viola Davis and her advice to live each moment out.

Switching from film to print, Spencer breaks down her new book “The Sweetest Heist In History” while revealing that her dream job was to be an FBI profiler while growing up.  Putting that dream into reality through her Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective series, Spencer details the ‘Ninja Tasks’ at the end of the book including advice to try eating flowers and instructions to break into a door (make sure to watch for the full reason why).

Ending the interview with a game of Knowledge Of Self with DB, Spencer comes close to acing the quiz all about her previous acting roles.  Check out the full interview below and make sure to keep up with Octavia Spencer on Twitter @octaviaspencer.

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