Oakland’s Own Hieroglyphics Share Key to Music Longevity, “Hiero Day” and Freestyles Live On-Air

Video by YSKSK Media

When you think of Oakland hip hop roots, the group Hieroglyphics has to be mentioned or at least come to mind. A group that played a huge role in changing the Bay Area landscape visited SITM during our Super Bowl broadcast and it was definitely a special moment considering how much of a factor they played in Sway’s career early on. From managing roles to getting life changing legal advice from their attorney, it’s incredible to see them on his show while the largest sports event in the world is taking place.

You probably knew about the names like En Vogue, Too Short and MC Hammer representing Oakland but when you really get into diversity coming from the area, they stood apart from day one and it shows as they visited the show. Not only did they update us on new music dropping but also gave local artists a few keys to success, like loving what you do first and foremost – everything else will fall in place.

Check out the full interview below:

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