“N****s in Paris” Gets an Artistic Makeover for Kids Coloring Book ‘Friends in Paris’

“N****s in Paris” Gets an Artistic Makeover for Kids Coloring Book ‘Friends in Paris’

“Ball so hard, that sh*t crazy”…turned into “Draw so hard, don’t skip pages.” thanks to Bianco Bosso and the creative mind that found a different inspiration behind the ‘Watch the Throne‘ album hit.

The impact and influence that hip hop has on a younger generation is undeniable so it is always cool to see someone flip the script a little bit and make learning/constructive outlets appealing to those same millions of kids. In this case, it wouldn’t surprise me to see older Ye & Jay fans picking up one as they flip through pages letting their inner child win for a day or so. The story features lyrical content that fans already love but also has a few original twists keeping things fresh including appearances from both Kim K and Beyonce.

Hats off for this creation and for everyone that supported the project via Kickstarter allowing it to be shared with the world. It seems as if the creative minds are all on one page when it comes to giving the youth a little bit of our childhood experiences and love of a drawing as PorterhouseLA gave the kids of Los Angeles a very similar creative outlet with “Back to the Basics“.

Go ahead and scroll through your iTunes collection, press play on that ‘Watch the Throne‘ album while you let your inner child enjoy this dope “Friends in Paris” coloring book below.






To check out the full coloring book and/or to get a copy of your own visit HERE

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