Nothing is "Impossible" to Lion Babe

If you can hear this record and not immediately break out into “full jam session” mode something is wrong. The latest from Lion Babe has something for everyone as they take on the “Impossible”. It only makes sense to go from “Wonder Woman” (which was a perfect fit with super producer Pharrell) to something as energetic and appealing as this.

The New York duo has really set themselves apart from the crowd in numerous ways but the most important of course being the music. After thoroughly enjoying their Janis Joplin and Curtis Mayfield covers, it quickly became apparent they are true students equipped with that uncanny ability to create something brand new while bridging the gap from the well respected artists/sounds from the past.

We need a full length project soon. These one offs aren’t holding us any longer. Check out the latest track “Impossible” from Lion Babe below:

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