North London Star Little Simz Impresses with ‘Age 101: Drop X’ EP

When you know, you just know. The North London emerging star Little Simz is well aware that she has something truly special. Whether it is the refreshing voice or smooth production that lends a perfect backdrop on “Just a Dose” her project ‘Age 101: Drop X‘ EP is a great piece of work.

After getting a glimpse of her talent through an assist from fellow writer Taylor Lovaas (@taylorlovaas) it didn’t take long to recognize she is the real deal. Given the fact that she is only 21 years old, it should make a few bigger names nervous knowing how much potential they’re staring at. As an artist, it should remain a priority to be transparent and honest with yourself as well as your audience – that is something she has grasped very early on. Excited to watch her growth.

Look, don’t let them gas you. Anyone can rap fast, just because you’re rapping fast doesn’t mean you’re sick, what are you actually saying? Tell me.

Check out the full ‘Age 101: Drop X’ EP below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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