Noisey Gets An Inside Look At Bompton, Kendrick Lamar, & Gang Life

“If I was you and I had a camera right now, where I would go, is a little city called Bompton.  It’s Compton but it’s where the bloods is at because they put a “B” in front of everything so it’s Bompton.  And the reason why I would go there is because they are the number one in the rap world right now” – Snoop Dogg.

Noisey Bompton, presented by the same people who brought you the Noisey Chiraq & Noisey Atlanta series, is a multiple part docu-series that follows rapper Kendrick Lamar and the complex city of Compton, California.  In this part one episode, Kendrick is welcomed by his close friends, one being Lil L, a childhood friend who became a Westside Piru, while Lamar went another route through music.

Interviewer Zach Goldbaum, who isn’t afraid to “hit the gate”, was able to get insight on gang life, kids attending Compton Centenial High School, self-medication (doing drugs), and much more.  Goldbaum calls Kendrick Lamar “arguably the most significant rap artist in the world” and after receiving the key to Compton, I’m not sure too many people would disagree with that.

Get familar with the city that inspired King Kendrick to become the flawless lyricist he is today and check out the film set to air February 29th at 10 p.m. on Vice’s new channel, Viceland.

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