No.3 Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft Jaylen Brown Talks Social Media, Endorsements, NBA Finals and Gets Advice from Jalen Rose, Mo Peterson and Zeke Thomas

It was a full house yesterday morning as NBA legends Mo Peterson and Jalen Rose joined Sway in the Morning alongside Boston Celtics incoming NBA rookie Jaylen Brown and DJ/producer/son of Isaiah Thomas, Zeke Thomas.

Together this group of guys fluent in all things basketball speak on the NBA draft and everything that goes along with it. Jalen and Brown talk social media and keeping things under wraps while Mo gives Brown advice on finding things outside of basketball that he likes to do.

Already an astounding chess player, Brown also likes to write in his spare time and play the guitar. You can tell he has good integrity simply by looking at the acronym he uses as his twitter handle, FCHWPO, which stands for faith, consistency and hard work pays off.

Other topics of conversation include the finals and what went wrong with the Golden Tate Warriors, endorsements, the Flint, Michigan water crisis, the Derek Rose trade and getting into sports broadcasting.

We even got a few freestyles out of the interview as friends of Brown and Peterson take to the mic. You can find their social accounts linked to their names: ZekeTae and Haru.

Watch the full interview above keep your eyes on Jaylen Brown in Boston!

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