Nitty Scott MC Elaborates on Sexism in Hip-Hop, Building her Brand + Kicks a Dope Acapella Freestyle!

Video by YSKSK Media

We’ve been a fan of Nitty Scott for a long time at Sway’s Universe.  Never afraid to speak out and stand up for what she believes in, it was a pleasure to have her in the studio this week to give us an update on things.

Taking an almost 8-month break to re-build her brand from the ground up to put more responsibility on herself, Nitty Scott speaks on learning from mistakes.  So often just being branded as a female MC, Scott elaborates on how sexism has creeped into music.  She emphasizes that no woman should need a male co-sign before she breaks out into a dope freestyle.

Check out the interview and look out for her upcoming project, “Creature,” which is due out in February.

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