NIO’s EP9 Is The Fastest Electric Car On The Planet

Technology is changing everything, including the world of transportation and speed. We’ve seen a number of unique examples of E-power, but nothing quite as fast as NIO’s latest design. The Chinese electric startup NextEV has unveiled a brand new imprint and a brand new design, The NIO EP9 which is said to be the fastest electric car on Earth. This outstanding design is host to a futuristic look, rocking plenty of power thanks to its impressive collection of electric motors.

NIO’s EP9 features 1,360 horsepower along with a top speed of 194 mph, while capable of a 0-124 mph in just over seven seconds. The ride boasts four electric motors that are rumored to combine for 4,670 lb-ft of torque. If that wasn’t good enough, one charge provides 265 miles doing so in part thanks to the 777-volt powertrain. Impressed? We are! Have a look at this beautiful machine in the images and the short video below. Look for the NIO EP9 sometime in 2017, but only six will be available!

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