Nigel Sylvester Takes Over Dubai In The 4th Entry To His ‘GO’ Series

Known for his outstanding and incredible talents in the world of BMX, Nigel Sylvester is back. Today he returns with the 4th installment of his ‘GO’ video series, taking us along with him on a trip to Dubai. The POV video follows stops in NYC, L.A., and Tokyo and finds Nigel again showing off his incredible talents with some stunning views.

The clip features the sandy desert streets of Dubai and is shot from his point of view with GoPro’s latest camera. He takes to the Middle Eastern city and does a little skydiving and jet-skiing, visits some exotic animals and even eats with Salt Bae. Check out the video below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Stay tuned for more from Nigel Sylvester coming soon.

Photo provided by Notey

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