Nicole Byer Shares Stories From Backstage at the VMA’s, New Show “Loosely Exactly Nicole” + Reveals She Married a Man at 20 to Help Pay Back Debt

Starring in shows like “30 Rock” and “Girl Code,” Nicole Byer has turned into a household name. After co-hosting the VMA’s on Sunday night she stopped into Sway in the Morning to share stories from the awards and also speak on her upcoming show “Loosely Exactly Nicole.”

From getting yelled at by Rihanna’s body guard to the teleprompter going out, the VMA co-host broke everything down for us. Telling Beyonce that she was a treat, Byer got a giggle out of the Queen, something she is more than happy to share with us. After talking a bit about the show, Tracy’s friend Guerdley who danced with Rihanna talks about working with the “Work” singer.

Getting into “Loosely Exactly Nicole,” Byer talks about finding a home on MTV and what it means to have her own show. Based off her life during her early 20’s she reveals that an episode where she gets married to a small Indian man for money is actually true! Joking about the whole experience she says she met a guy and married him so he could stay in the country. The pay off? Not as much as she thought as he stopped talking to her after a year.

Check out the full interview above and keep up with Nicole Byer on Twitter @nicolebyer.


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