Nicky Hilton Explains That her Heiress Last Name is A Double Edged Sword & Explains that "The Product Speaks For Itself" + Passionately Says No To Strippers

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Nicky Hilton comes with no posé. As a businesswoman, fashion model, socialite, celebrity, heiress and fashion designer — who needs all that extra stuff?

She comes in during this in-studio series and admits to Sway that she likes to stay low-key. Further speaking on how her and her sister, Paris Hilton, were in-fact raised very humbly. Nicky says,

I know that I’m sure there’s things that have been written that we had credit cards at 14, and room service everyday. That is all bullsh*t…but we were very normal. We did our chores.

She also sits down to speak on her recent marriage to her British boyfriend, and banking scion: James Rothschild. For being “low-key” she delves deep into their relationship and how they first met and says,

I know it sounds sort of cheesy and cliché, but it really was Love At First Sight . “

Nicky Hilton expresses her sex appeal and explains to Sway and Heather B about her recent project with Smashbox Makeup — which essentially lead her to create the “Cat Eye Kit.” She stunts on the ladies and gives a quick cat-eye, make-up tutorial telling everyone that practice makes perfect.

The blonde beauty, also makes sure to let everyone know that the misconception of her last name providing her success. But she explains that she was taught a certain work ethic — which she reveals exclusively on-air:

Someone wrote me on Twitter: ‘ What exactly do you do?

Frustratingly she answers:

In the last year, I wrote a book. I have come out with a cosmetic line. I have a handbag line coming out. I’ve done a clothing line … I have been working since I was 15 years old …

We as Hilton’s just have it instilled in us. This work ethic, that you have to make a name for yourself… It’s not fulfilling for me. I have to constantly be working.

Watch this passionate interview, with Nicky below as she also plays DB’s game of “Do’s & Don’ts of a Bachelorette Party” passionately expressing her disapproval of strippers in either parties:

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