Nick Zano: Speaks on his previous friendship with Amanda Bynes & his crush on Karreuche, while coming from selling shoes & fetching coffee to starring in NBC's newest show 'One Big Happy'

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Who Plays Luke On ‘One Big Happy‘? Nick Zano. That’s who.

Nick Zano has done it all. He’s the epitome of working his way from the bottom of the industry, to the top. Considering that Nick has come from circumstances such as being a shoe salesman on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California; to running as a Production Assistant and grabbing coffee for the crew (in which Sway was one of the first big personalities he encountered, as he praised Calloway for his “Heart of Gold“) — and now touching base in his new home as  the star of Ellen DeGeneres’ produced show on NBC called, “One Big Happy”.

His credential is expansive, but his actions continue to spill out nothing but a bona fide humble soul. Nick speaks on dating scene withing the “celebrity” realm; his thoughts on The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender thoughts; and also delves into his encounter with Traji Hanson regarding his favorite scene on “Baby Boy“.

Nick even finds himself being put up against a love challenge side-by-side with Common, (Heather B’s mental husband) — by taking Heather B and getting her to admit that she would “rub (Nick’s) back”. Watch the enlightening and funny interview below, as Nick Zano ends it with the ultimate closing act, (which if you’ve been following Sway In the Morning may look hilariously familiar to you):

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