Nick Jonas and Big Sean Have it Bad for a “Good Girl”

Nick Jonas and Big Sean Have it Bad for a “Good Girl”

Ever since Nick Jonas stepped out on his own with ambitions of creating his own R&B space and more of a grown up sound beyond that which he achieved with the group things have been on a non-stop increase. Just look at the records he’s dropped since then, many of them you know by heart or at least have caught yourself singing along before you realize it. In his latest, the smooth voice is paired with Sean Don on the track “Good Girls” as he finds himself caught between the good ones and “bad” ones. Only a true D-town player such as Sean could maneuver his way through without breaking a sweat, his laid back flow coupled with metaphors that make your girl press rewind landed perfectly on this one.

Check it out below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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