NFL Week 3 Action: Patriots, Broncos and Panthers Remain Perfect, AJ Green Unstoppable in the 4th and Adrian Peterson is Officially Back

In only 3 short weeks the NFL has been completely flipped upside down with teams missing their star players due to injury, previous Super Bowl contenders struggling to build momentum and a few surprising undefeated records early on. Granted it may be premature as the Patriots and Packers are still dominating but we may have a couple of new faces making noise come Playoff time.

Bengals 28 | Ravens 24

The AFC North match-up between the Bengals and Ravens quickly became the Steve Smith show, lighting up the defense for 186 yards and 2 touchdowns. Unfortunately the Baltimore defense had plenty of problems on the opposite side trying to stop #18. When the 4th quarter rolled around, the Cincinnati gameplan became very simple: Throw the ball deep to AJ Green no matter what. The result? A 28-24 win.


Panthers 27 | Saints 22

Without Drew Brees for the first time in almost six years, the Saints had a tough task ahead of them against the Panthers. As Cam Newton found a nice zone tossing 3 touchdowns with 315 yards to match, it would inevitably be the outstanding play by Josh Norman that sealed the Panthers victory 27-22. These guys are playing really good football right now but the undefeated 3-0 record isn’t going to their head just yet as they know it is still early.  

Vikings 31 | Chargers 14

After missing all of last season, there was a Adrian Peterson sighting today and it was vintage greatness. One of the players you watch and swear it is a video game because of his unmatched balance between speed and strength. The San Diego Chargers got a face full of AP as he scored his first touchdown (2 on the day) since 2013, leading the Vikings to a 31-14 win at home. You couldn’t pay me enough to go heads up with him, especially when he’s doing this to defenders at will. 

Patriots 51 | Jaguars 14

Brady was already an elite quarterback but an angry Tom Brady is proving to be an even bigger issue for the NFL. After nearly being forced to miss games because of #Deflatgate, the Patriots leader is proving that had nothing to do with how nice they are. Sunday he became just the 4th quarterback in NFL history to throw 400 touchdowns as he starts his 2015 campaign with 1,112 yards – 9 TDs – 0 INTs. Needless to say they are still undefeated after punishing the Jaguars 51-17.  


Don’t Forget. #MNF

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