New Orleans: The Underground, Underrated, Unapologetic hub of Hip-Hop.

New Orleans: The Underground, Underrated, Unapologetic hub of Hip-Hop.

“Like Eli I’m from New Orleans, I’m a Giant in this bitch
Move the G and add an S and put the I before the N
And put the A in front of that, and that’s what I am to the end
That’s a Saint m*thaf*cka, simplify it for them” – Lil Wayne

Before I begin, I will try my hardest to remain as un-biased as possible throughout the duration of this article. HOWEVER, New Orleans is one of the most influential cities in Hip-Hop to date, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Don’t “@” me.

From the HotBoyz to No Limit to Jet Life, the 504 has left it’s mark on so many artists generation after generation.

The mark our OG’s left on us has gone far from unnoticed. With the Hip-Hop scene in the Big Easy constantly evolving, the younger generation has something to say.

Here are a few artists you guys should check out and make sure you pay attention to.

Neno Calvin

Young Neno was able to turn the NOLA into Nenola with the drop of a mixtape. Being the newest signee to Cash Money, Neno made his first big appearance in Birdman’s latest song and visual “Ms. Gladys”. Although this youngin’ is only 21 year old, his musical library is extensive and growing. The new Cash Money is on the rise now.

Twitter: @NenoCalvin/Soundcloud

Ambre’ Perkins

After growing up in foster homes and being separated from her family as a child, this songstress took her struggles and turned them into hymns of survival. Her  voice is the perfect blend of Jhene’ and Aaliyah and the content of her music compliments it so well. Her talent allows her music to be almost a little bit too relatable. Who would’ve known that New Orleans could create such a beautiful diamond from all the pressure that comes with growing up there.

Twitter: @AMBREPERKINS/Soundcloud


Although this guy is only 22 years old, he’s been making noise in this rap game for about 8 years already, receiving nods from some of Hip-Hop’s most beloved MC’s such as Rick Ross, Freeway, and Curren$y. Hailing from the 5th Ward of New Orleans, LG’s grip on reality shines through his music. His imprint on the New Orleans rap scene is vital to our culture.

Twitter: @LGfive/Soundcloud


As the son of B.G., T.Y. has taken the torch of music from his father and has done something with it that only the product of an Original Hot Boy could do. He was able to create his own sound by blending his gangsta influences with the smooth, laid back influences of his label head Curren$y. At only 20 years old, this kid is destined to fill the shoes of those that’s paved the way for New Orleans Hip-Hop.

Twitter: @ohyouBGson/Soundcloud


As one half of CGB, Gus has been playing his part in the local Hip-Hop scene by hosting events that allow other artists to have a platform to showcase their talents. After his other half, Muddy Cup Buddy, was taken by the relentless streets of New Orleans, Gus made it his mission to fulfill both of their dreams all by himself.

Twitter: NegusLiveCGB/Soundcloud 

These are just a selected few of the artists that contribute to the growth of our city. As a culture, each one of them bring something so different but so necessary to the table. One of these days, New Orleans will get the credit it deserves but until then, these guys will continue to vibe & shine. We from New Orleans love, you know how we comin’…


  1. Great Article Jade!!! I would like to see something like this for the clothing brands coming out of N.O. also. Overall dopeness right here though. Keep Grinding and Shining your light.

    N I N T H & L U X

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