New Orleans own Ambre’ Perkins drops second project ‘2090’s’ and we’re in love… Here’s the review:

New Orleans own Ambre’ Perkins drops second project ‘2090’s’ and we’re in love… Here’s the review:

2016 is going to go down in the books as one of the most powerful years in music to date; from mixtapes to albums and from underground to mainstream alike.

Now while most of the HipHop world have feasted their eyes and ears on the  Beyonce’s Lemonade and Drake’s VIEWS over the last week or so, we do not want you guys to make the mistake of missing out on this hidden gem of a project that we found. If you’ve paid close attention, then you’d know that both Drizzy and Bey took major influences for the project from none other than the beautiful city of New Orleans.

Yes, as big as they are we really appreciate the homage but we can’t forget about the actual products of that environment. By that we mean the amazingly authentic and talented artists were actually born & raised in the beautiful city where those samples and visuals come from.

Her name is Ambre’ Perkins & she’s from Uptown part of New Orleans, LA. Just a few days ago, she released her second solo project titled 2090’s and after a full run thru, this project is amazing.

Having been featured as apart of Kehlani’s “Wish You Were Here Tour” as well as a few of her songs, she’s also graced Made Groceries’ “Yeah” track with her mesmerizing vocals and has done shows all across the map.

This project puts you in the mood to  want to find “Someone”, roll up plane, smoke while this plays in the background as they simultaneously fall in love with you. It’s definitely a realistic view of the things that go on inside of our minds and it’s done from such a raw stand point that it makes it almost too relatable.

The best way to give a good example of the sound would be to say if Jhene Aiko and Aaliyah had a baby, it’s be Ambre’.

From “She Ain’t Me” to “One Percent” to “Goody Goody” production is flawless. We really don’t want you guys to miss out on this gem and we definitely NEED you guys to remember her name.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.34.05 AM

Just listen…:


  1. The song Telly has a great intro as does the song Nintendo Shawty but her voice is just not what I’m wanting to hear in the place I’m in. This is really music for making love and the kind you want to hear in that actual space. I’m not ready for this type of music right now because my prince is not home.

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