New Music from Chris Rivers “In the Morning” and “G.I.T.U.” Is Set To Drop August 16th

New Music from Chris Rivers “In the Morning” and “G.I.T.U.” Is Set To Drop August 16th

Chris Rivers has been making his own strides in hip-hop and has been very successful in doing so. Being the son of the legendary Big Pun, it creates a very large shadow to get lost in but that has not stopped the young artist from chasing his dreams. He has shown us with his talent and skillset he can create his own legacy and identity in the music industry. He has recently begun his latest chapter in his career with a debut album on the way and signing with Mello Music Group.

Chris Rivers’ new album, G.I.T.U. which stands for ‘Greatest In The Universe’ is set to be released on August 16. The name of this project was meant to represent his journey and the struggles that came along with it. Everyone’s world is their own, and everyone has their own universe they are in control of, and in mine — I’m undoubtedly the “G.I.T.U”, Chris stated. Although his album is personal to him and his life, all music listeners will be able to relate to it.

“In the Morning” is a single on the album that has already been released. By this being Chris’s first love song, he wanted to make sure he captured the essence of a real true love song that tells a story people can relate to. His goal was to create a moment in which you can exist in as long as possible.

G.I.T.U. is a project that will help us learn Chris better as an artist and an individual.
“In the Morning’ is available on all music streaming platforms and make sure to check out the entire album on August 16.

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