New Emojis Are Coming To iOS & macOS

New Emojis Are Coming To iOS & macOS

Get ready to step up your emoji game. Today the word on the e-street is that some New Emojis Are Coming To iOS & macOS. Hyped? Well today, in celebration of World Emoji Day Apple returns with some more new emojis coming soon for our using desires and expressive needs.

The new batch comes from Unicode 10 standard which added 56 new emoji to the mix. Included is the “Mind Blown,” “Crazy Face,” “Face With Monocle,” along with a list of fantasy-themed emoji like Mage, Vampire, and Zombie. There will also be a Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person and Breastfeeding, and food items. No word yet on when these will be released, but it is rumored that they will be packaged into the iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra updates for Fall. Check out a few examples up top and speak your thoughts on it all below. Stay tuned for more from the world of technology coming soon.

Photo provided by The Verge

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