Madonna collabs with Nicki MInaj, Nas & Chance the Rapper for "Rebel Heart" album

Madonna collabs with Nicki MInaj, Nas & Chance the Rapper for "Rebel Heart" album
Following a somewhat bumpy beginning to her new album campaign, the hit-maker releases the track listing for her latest.
Collaborations are a must — or so it seems, as of late. But how do collabs. typically work? Well, one artist finds another artist and they create a song together. Simple enough, right?
Well not when your name is Madonna and you’ve been killing the game for more than 31 years (In 1984, she broke out with her hit single “Like A Virgin” and she hasn’t stopped since.) This woman is no virgin to the industry, in the sense that she has done more work than you and I combined. With that being said, she can basically grab anyone she wants to, to jump on a track with her and make it complete fire. It’s just how it has been and will always be for lady Madonna. Below you will find the track listing release of the album and you may see some pretty iconic and familiar names such as, Mike Tyson and Chance The Rapper — together on a track is going to be fire. There is also New York’s own, Nasty Nas and then you’ll find Nicki Minaj. “Rebel Heart” is scheduled for release on the 10th of March via Interscope Records. Peep it, below:

Rebel Heart tracklist:

1. Living For Love
2. Devil Pray
3. Ghosttown
4. Unapologetic Bitch
5. Illuminati
6. Bitch I’m Madonna [feat. Nicki Minaj]
7. Hold Tight
8. Joan of Arc
9. Iconic [feat. Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson]
10. HeartBreakCity
11. Body Shop
12. Holy Water
13. Inside Out
14. Wash All Over Me
15. Best Night
16. Veni Vedi Vici [feat. Nas]
17. Sex
18. Messiah
19. Rebel Heart

Sway called it out before Nicki Minaj actually blew up. In this interview from back in 2012, you can hear Nicki Minaj speak on  how she has evolved, explaining her different layers and not caring what people think about her anymore. Watch how things are truly coming full circle for her, below:

The Chi-Town native, Chance The Rapper is another artist Sway new would blow up. Watch this kid throw down a freestyle from the dome over “Through the Wire” instrumentals, and more:

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