Nelly Interview: Stories Behind the "Tip Drill" video + How He Deflated Beef with Floyd Mayweather

Shot and edited by Nahgee

Fact: Nelly is in the top 5 of the most selling hip-hop artist of all time.

This derrty rapper swung by Sway in the Morning and opened up about music, his personal life and reminisces on the good ol’ Tip Drill music video. (Shout out to BET Uncut!)

Although, Nelly is an international platinum-selling artist, he’s not too big to work with his 21-year old daughter who’s an aspiring artist. He opened up about his frustrations with being in the studio with her and why he’s relieved that she’s working with Marsha Ambrosius.

While in-studio with us, he gives some advice to other celebrities on how to handle beef with a fellow public figure, *cough* Floyd Mayweather *cough*

“Understand who you’re dealing with.” Nelly tells us, “The #1 rule when going to way is ‘never underestimate your opponent.’ Be ready at all times. Anticipate their move and try to move before they do it.”

Watch above as he talks about his more groundbreaking hits, Floyd Mayweather and more.

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