Nef the Pharaoh Interview: Earning the Respect of Icon E-40, Recites First Rap as a 4-Year Old and Gives a Slick Acapella Freestyle

Bay Area Connection. “Say That.”

The Bay has a distinct sound and impacts a lot of different movements yet doesn’t necessarily get the proper due once the smoke clears but one artist changing that is Nef the Pharaoh (@NefThePharaoh). It is rare that anyone gets a co-sign from the icon E-40, (can you even name others??) so you know this is something special.

Seemingly fit for this music scene since birth as his uncle was a member of the Funky Aztecs rap group, it is carried on with the legendary label Sick Wid It Records supporting his current efforts. Their partnership is really organic and it shows clear as day when Nef touches on being viewed as a “partner” and not just an “artist” in his current situation.

His humble yet focused approach is going to make things very interesting to watch as Nef the Pharaoh continues to grow. Enjoy the full interview below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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