NBA Free Agency Kicks Off with $1B+ in Deals including "Best Rapper in the League" Damian Lillard and Warriors Draymond Green

NBA Free Agency Kicks Off with $1B+ in Deals including "Best Rapper in the League" Damian Lillard and Warriors Draymond Green

Following the Warriors magical run to the 2015 NBA Championship, GMs and Owners immediately went to the drawing board to prepare for the upcoming draft and make the tough Free Agent decisions to immediately compete in coming seasons. In recent years, we have seen teams wheeling and dealing in an attempt to trade for the perfect piece to take their team from contender to champion. The trend seems to swinging back to building a team through years of chemistry (the Spurs and Warriors have won the last 2 years) as most GMs are making sure to keep key pieces happy and apart of their roster this off season.

Free Agent Fever

The entire NBA seemed to open up the checkbook to keep their key players (and hometown fans) happy, while a few like Paul Pierce and Tyson Chandler put on new uniforms – most deals were re-signings and HUGE ones at that.

Check out a quick list of the early NBA Free Agent Movement so far:

  • Warriors re-sign Draymond Green $85M, 5 years
  • Trailblazers re-sign Damian Lillard $120M, 5 years
  • Cavaliers re-sign Kevin Love $110M, 5 years
  • Cavaliers re-sign Iman Shumpert $40M, 4 years
  • Cavaliers extend Tristan Thompson for $80M
  • Nets re-sign Brook Lopez $60M, 3 years
  • Nets re-sign Thaddeus Young $50M, 4Years
  • Pelicans re-sign Anthony Davis $145M, 6 years
  • Pelicans re-sign Omar Asik $44M, 5 years
  • Bucks sign Greg Monroe $50M, 3 years
  • Bucks re-sign Khris Middleton $70M, 5 years
  • Bulls re-sign Jimmy Butler $90M, 5 years
  • Bulls re-sign Mike Dunleavy $14.4M, 3 years
  • Clippers re-sign Paul Pierce $10M, 3 years
  • Heat re-sign Goran Drajic $90M, 5 years
  • Heat re-sign Dwyane Wade $20M, 1 year
  • Spurs re-sign Kawhi Leonard $90M, 5 Years
  • Hawks re-sign Paul Milsap $58M, 3 Years
  • Pacers sign Monta Ellis $44M, 4 years
  • Suns sign Tyson Chandler $52M, 4 years
  • Suns re-sign Brandon Knight $70M, 5 years

While there has been a lot of movement so far, it still remains to be seen where the final numbers on Lebron‘s deal in Cleveland will end up. Where the skilled big man Lamarcus Aldridge will land or which teams will be able to add DeAndre Jordan, Rajon Rondo or possibly Demarcus Cousins over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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