Naughty By Nature and Queen Latifah Show Nothing But Love in “God is Us”

Yo, this is iconic. Legendary even. Do you see the names mentioned in the title on the same song? Naughty by Nature AND Queen Latifah? *rubs eyes*…moments that we’ll probably look right over after pressing play a few times but it’s 2016, we’re still getting new music from these fixtures of rap – take a second to understand what is happening.

The infectious track gives off nothing but positive thoughts as the hook echoes “using your heart that’s what it’s for, spread love. give love. show love. live love.” this is one that should find a place at intimate events like the family barbecues all the way to the younger generation playing during school assemblies or pep talks. One of those songs that reminds you that an artist has a bigger purpose than just music.

Check it out below and remember to spread love. give love. be love.

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