Naturi Naughton, DJ Benhameen Joins Rob Markman and Kristin Coral for 'Red Light Special' Podcast Episode 12

Once you hear that Jake&Papa intro you know it’s our new favorite time of the week once again as Rob Markman and Kristin Coral bring us another ‘Red Light Special’ podcast. Never knowing who will show up as they continue to push the envelope in this new lane they’ve created and so far it seems as if everyone is enjoying the ride.

In Episode 12, the popular series ‘Power’ is represented by the beautiful and talented Naturi Naughton as well as the mix master DJ Benhameen. The latter is one a lot of DJs can (and probably have) learned a lot from – just stop by his website and get a glimpse at the seemingly endless list of creative mixes he has put together. No question how serious he takes his chosen art form.

Art which can sometimes swing back and forth between music to the big screen for those that have the skill to do so brings “Tasha” (Naturi’s character on Power) into the fold as they discuss the finale and just how different the actors are in real life. Sometimes after being so engaged in a series like that as a viewer, you almost forget it is just a role.

The two share the “Red Light” as the conversation extends further, offering up another great podcast for fans in Episode 12. You can listen to the full interview below, enjoy.

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