National Day of Outrage for Black Women And Girls that Were Killed By Police

National Day of Outrage for Black Women And Girls that Were Killed By Police

Police are killing Black women at an alarming rate and now is the time to speak up for our Black women. Women like Charleena Lyles in Seattle who was pregnant at the time when killed by police. Woman who were experiencing mental health crises, like Shukri Ali in Georgia and Deborah Danner in New York. Or even young girls just hanging out with friends like  Rekia Boyd in Chicago.  Imagine just was merely taken a wrong turn while driving, like Mya Hall in Maryland and Miriam Carey in Washington, D.C. Even little Black girls, like Aiyana Stanley-Jones who was only 7 years old at the time in Detroit, was doing nothing more than sleeping when killed by police. How about Sandra Bland who died in police custody after a traffic stop and even more recent Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, a 28-year-old African American woman, was shot and killed in her home by police after the cops were called out for a wellness check.

 Body camera footage that had been heavily edited and then released by the Fort Worth Police Department shows that two officers had walked quietly around the side of the home. Officer Aaron Dean, had walked into Jefferson’s backyard. Seeing Jefferson in the window of her home, the officer yelled “put your hands up! Show me your hands!” and then fired a single shot through Jefferson’s window. Describing the video, the BBC wrote that Dean fired “within seconds” of seeing Jefferson. What’s even more outrages is the footage does not appear to show police identifying themselves or whether she was armed. The footage also does not show any indication if Dean could see the gun that Jefferson held, as the view through the window was obstructed by the reflection from his flashlight. The officer partnered with Dean told authorities that she could only see Jefferson’s face through the window. 

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price called the event “tragic” and promised a “complete and thorough investigation” by police chief Ed Kraus.  It was reported that the investigation would be forwarded to the Law Enforcement Incident Team for the Tarrant County District Attorney. The NAACP called Jefferson’s death unacceptable and the neighbor who called for the welfare check told reporters : “No domestic violence, no arguing. Nothing that they should have been concerned with, as far as them coming with guns drawn to my neighbor’s house. There wasn’t any reason for a gun shot that I know of.” 

Jefferson’s funeral was paid for by two professional athletes; former Dallas Mavericks player, Harrison Barnes and Philadelphia Eagles player Malik Jackson. A GoFundMe was also created by the family lawyer on behalf of the family. We must protect our Sisters and demand justice for Atatiana Jefferson. On Monday October 28th join us in a national #DayOfOutrage. Remember to save the date and dress in all black. Specific cities and times will be announced and for more information email 

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