Natasha Eubanks of Young, Black & Fabulous Speaks Taking Blogging to a Million Dollar Brand + Releases all of Her Feelings About Kanye West & The Kardashians

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and the founder, CEO to a successful entertainment site — Natasha Eubanks of YBF speaks on working from the bottom to the top, beginning her journey as a hostess in Olive Garden (Italian Restaurant) and later becoming an aspiring lobbyist and in the midst of a scholarship to Law School, YBF took a leap of faith and fast forward to 10 years later, she is now earning from ad sales to an annual income of 1 Million dollo’s.

Wow. That was a lot to even type out.

Young, Black and Fabulous (YBF) — has become the biggest Blogger success story, to date. She shares her journey of her family’s disapproval in her decision to up and leave Law School to just be aBlogger” — and speaks on the growth of her blog through word-of-mouth.

With 33 million views per month, Natasha preaches on the important of content, credibility and consistency on her site stating,

If you build it, they will come.

She also addresses the constant news and also constant aggravation by readers on the Kardashian/Jenner family telling everyone on-air:

It never ends. And then they get so upset when people talk about them. But they (the family) keep putting the stories out there.

Natasha continues on to admit,

To be honest I’ve kind of fallen back on talking about certain people. Even if it would bring views … So I think in essence yeah, you will always get more readership when you talk about Kim and when you talk about Kanye. But sometimes it’s bigger than that.

She speaks on being disgusted by Kanye for comparing The First Lady, Michelle Obama versus Kim Kardashian. In true YBF form, the conversations quickly move to the next gossip story and even bigger headlines. Watch the full interview, below:


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